GIRL language

if i didn't call you, it's because i'm waiting for you to call me.

when i'm mad and i walked away from you, please follow me.

when i push or hit you, grab me and don't let go.

when i'm quiet, ask me what's wrong.

when i ignore you, give me your attention.

when i say it's cold, hug me tight

when i tickle you, tickle me back.

when i stare at you, i want a kiss.

when i say nothing and forget it, you better figure out what you did wrong.

when i ask ' are you tired ? ' , please dont go to sleep. I love talking to you.

when i say I LOVE YOU, tell me you do more.

and... when i'm about to give up, say you won't let me go.

Jom baca yang lain (:

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